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Hi, welcome to the mARker testing family

The application is currently in a beta state! It might be unstable. Augmented reality based image drawing utility with the option to share. The application allows you to put custom markers (what you draw on a screen) in the real world. You can share your creations by a link with other people who have the app so they can open creations on their devices. Pretend like you have a magic brush with which you can draw anything anywhere. You can use it to create AR-messages for your friend, partner. How it works : paint something at any place you can go, share a link with your friend via a messenger or email, your friend can then open a link via the application and use built-in navigational tools to find your painting. Want it to be used as the tool to express your artistic spirit ? Why not ? It is limited only by your imagination. All AR-images are bound to a specific location, not to building of some other object, so if your device provides inaccurate location measurements, AR-image can slightly move to another place. If you want to share AR-messages, we have the mARker for you! Have fun :)

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